How to create a FAQ page

Answer your members most common questions by creating a custom FAQ page.

The platform FAQs are structured into categories with questions and answers sitting within each category, e.g.:

FAQ Example

The green 'Blogs' text is the category and then the questions and answers sit within this. 

All creation and/or editing of blogs is done through Back Room > Site Content > Info.

FAQ categories

On the main FAQ back room page, categories are shown as headers (e.g. 'About us', 'Blogs' and 'Community Status'):

FAQ Categories

Existing categories can have their name edited (Edit Icon), be moved up or down the order on the FAQ page (Up Down) or deleted (Delete). If deleting a FAQ category, it will also delete the questions and answers within it. 

To add a new FAQ category, click 'Add Category' from the top of the page and set the name for the new category:

Add FAQ Category

FAQ Questions

Within each FAQ category there needs to be the individual questions and answers:

FAQ List

Existing questions can be edited (Edit Icon), be moved up or down the order on the FAQ page (Up Down) or deleted (Delete). Clicking 'Add question' will enable you to add a new question and answer to that category: 

Edit FAQ

Importing and exporting FAQs

All the site FAQs can be exported to excel should you need to via the link at the top of the page. 

You can also import extra categories with their question and answers via a CSV import. To do this first set up your CSV file with 3 columns: Category, Question and Answer. Any categories which do not already exist will be added automatically when you import the file.