How to set up a report card

As repeating tasks, report cards offer detailed options on frequency & repetition.

To add a new report card task click on the 'Add Report Card' button on the right of the main report card page, give your task a title, select the report card type, the occurrence (how many times you want people to be able to complete the task - one-off, each day, each week, each month, continually), add an introduction (which will show to users) and then add any admin rights as needed:

Create Report Card

The next step is to add the other key settings to the task, including: 

  • Whether you want users to be able to comment on their completed tasks (yes), whether you want moderators to be able to comment on completed tasks (moderator comments) or whether you want the comments turned off totally (no)
  • Photos and/or videos upload for the task
  • Consumer visible - whether you want users to be able to view and read completed entries from others (i.e. a public task)
  • Consumer editable - whether you want users to be able to edit the task once they have completed it 
  • Completion target - how many times they need to complete the task for it to record as being completed on the participant page (only really necessary when the task can be completed more than once)

Report CardMR Setup

Add questions

You then need to add your questions to your report card.  


When setting the report card, on the 'Sample' tab, you can either select from a list of existing consumer groups, or create a new consumer group:

Report CardMR Sample

If you opt to create a new consumer group on this page, you will get a pop-up which contains a mini select sample page. You can then follow the exact same process to create your new group as you would on the main select sample page. 


Then you need to confirm when you want your task to run:

Report CardMR Scheduling


Once your study and first tasks are live you can then send out the invites to it.