What widget options are available?

Image, tool and other widgets control project home page, login page and sign up page content.

The type of widgets you can use depends on whether you are trying to add them to the login page or the homepage (for either desktop or mobile). It's important to consider this when updating the look and feel of the site.

The table below demonstrates which widget type you are able to have on which page:

  Login page





Image widgets

Front page - the main image that shows on the home page and login page with an image and text


Yes Yes
Image - a static image Yes Yes Yes
Carousel - rotates through a maximum of 4 images Yes Yes Yes
Tool widgets
Latest topics - shows the most recently commented on discussions - Yes Yes
Selected topics - shows the threads from selected forum topic(s) - Yes -
Latest blogs - shows the most recently commented on blog(s) - Yes -
Consumer group blogs - shows the blogs from a specific consumer group  - Yes -
Latest polls - shows the latest polls to vote on/results - Yes Yes
Open polls - shows the current open poll for the user to respond to - Yes -
News feed - shows the currently published news items on the platform Yes Yes Yes
My activity - shows the activities available to the user to complete - Yes Yes
Other widgets
Formatted text - a text only widget Yes Yes Yes
Active members - shows the users most recently online, gives access to the active members page - Yes -
Latest credits - shows the latest prize winners Yes Yes -
T&C's - pulls through the site T&C's Yes Yes -
Twitter - select a specific Twitter feed to display on the homepage - Yes -

If you are using 'promote account' to get new users on the platform, the sign-up page can also be customised with some widgets in addition to the necessary sign-up information. 

When you want to change the look and feel of the platform through changing the widgets, you can either add a new widget, or edit an existing widget.

You can set which page you are editing through the sub tabs shown below the ‘Layouts’ heading:

user guides new image for editing widgets image2

You are therefore able to set different Signup/Login page layouts for different projects.