What is VideoMR?

VideoMR is an analysis tool, for organising, editing and compiling the data that is received from respondents through Video Booth questions on SurveyMR 2.0 and from individual interviews or group discussions in Focus GroupMR.

 VideoMR allows you to watch back videos, create clips, and build montages to share with stakeholders.  


You can access the library by following these steps:

Go to the Back Room > Analysis Tools > VideoMR

On the ‘video library’ tab the filter section enables you to search for video content that has been recorded. Search by individual Users, User Field, Project Membership, Group Membership, Source, Results and Date.

Top tip: filter by ‘Source’ to find videos that relate to a specific task

You can download an entire video from the library, or you can create clips which can be downloaded themselves, or stitched together to create a montage to be used within internal meetings and presentations.

The automated transcription enables you to time stamp your video to set the parameters for your clips. The transcription can also be a source of key words or quotes from the feedback you receive.

Montages can then be shared via an open link with colleagues, clients and stakeholders.

Top tip: you can use clips from different sources to create a montage.