What are projects in InsightHub?

Projects help group research tasks together, categorise activities and add structure to the platform

InsightHub has inbuilt project management to enable grouping of tools together and also to provide a bespoke experience for users taking part in a specific project.

Multiple projects can be set up in one platform and run at any one time. A user can be part of one, or multiple projects. Each project can have a specific homepage set for the users within the project which is only visible to the users within the project consumer group. Additional project homepages allow a short-term community to run within a long-term community/panel without the users being part of the main community/panel. 

All current and previous projects can be accessed via Back Room > Projects > View all projects:


From this page you can click into the project and also:

  • Link to the tasks within the project (Edit Icon)
  • View the project homepage (if the project has a specific homepage) (Projects Icon)
  • Link to the project participant page (Create Manage Groups)
  • See the total number of users in the project 

Via the actions drop-down you can close or delete a project (if deleting the project, it will remove the project and all tasks within it).