What are Forums?

Forums enable peer-to-peer engagement and qualitative discussion between participants.

Forums are structured into topic areas and then within each topic area, the individual threads. The threads should be your questions/discussion points. 

Forums can be accessed via: Back Room > Research Tools > Forum


From here you can: 

  • See the forum topics currently live on the platform including:
    • The scheduling of each topic
    • The target sample for each topic
    • The number of users who have/haven't responded to at least one thread within each topic
  • Links to edit the topics (Edit Icon)
  • Link to view the topic (Project Icon
  • Link to participant page (Create Manage Groups

Through the actions drop-down, you can also send invites/reminders to users; download the topic into a CSV file, move the topic up/down the list of current topics (this affects the view the users see), close the topic and delete the topic:

ForumMR Actions