Ways to use ActivateMR boards

ActivateMR can be used to display data in numerous use-cases. The boards give you flexibility to tailor the narrative depending on your audience.

Please see below some examples on how ActivateMR can be used to showcase your data from the InsightHub:

  • Project Summaries - compose dashboards that summarise key qualitative and quantitative data points, acting as a focal point for business action
  • Real-Time Tracking - engage stakeholders in the research journey early with boards that populate with new data as key projects progress
  • Insight Retrospectives - dive into your long-term library to create boards that explore recurring themes or trending topics
  • Long Form Reports - bring new life to traditional reporting with guided, conversational breaks
  • Interactive Workshops - help stakeholders build data fluency by curating boards in live sessions
  • Closing the feedback loop – showcase findings from recent activities to your members to show the results and display any further actions as a result of their input
  • Infographic – Use the boards to create a visual demonstrations of your findings