How to use and access research tools

Research tools all have a simple, tab based structure to guide you through activity set up and management.

All setting up and management of research activities is done via Back Room > Research Tools.

The structure of setting up activities is the same regardless of which tool you are using (some tools will have slight variations):

  • Create activity
  • Add admin rights
  • Set up exact details of activity
  • Set your sample
  • Set the schedule for the activity 
  • Invite your users
  • Manage participation and responses
  • Export results

The research tools all have a tabulated view when setting up and managing each activity to allow you to move through these easily:

Research Tools

Each research tool has its own user guide section, you will be able to see the user guides for all tools but you might not necessarily have this tool included in your FlexMR package - if in doubt check with one of the FlexMR team.