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How to suggest new features

We’re constantly adding new features and functionality, here’s how you can be part of that conversation.

The FlexMR Client Support Desk are your first point of contact for any technical queries, platform support and feature suggestions. We take feature suggestions seriously; carefully evaluating all ideas based on demand, feasibility and our existing development timeline.

Our development timeline is mapped out two years in advance, with specific resource allocation occurring on a rolling six month basis. This approach enables us to build towards the future of market research, whilst retaining agile, responsive day-to-day operations. To make a feature suggestion, simply email your idea to support@flexmr.net.

Once received by our help desk team, your idea will be passed through a rigorous internal process that we aim to complete within two weeks of receiving your email. We will review whether the feature, or similar, is already on our development timeline. If it is not, we will make an evaluation about development. If the idea is accepted, our team will then scope out expected resource, current capacity and make a judgement on where to fit the feature within our existing roadmap.

We will always provide you with an explanation and response whether the suggestion is accepted or not. The diagram below demonstrates how this process works from the initial suggestion to implementation and delivery stage. 

Feature Suggestion Process Help Sheet

Potential Outcomes

There are a number of potential outcomes that may result from a feature suggestion. We will always let you know what outcome was reached and the reason for our decision.

  1. Roadmap update. In some situations, your idea may already be on our development roadmap. If this is the case, we will provide you with a brief summary timeline of when we expect the feature to be developed.
  2. Short term roadmap addition. Where possible, we will aim to add feature suggestions as soon as possible. In some cases, we may be able to deliver features within our current six month cycle.
  3. Long term roadmap addition. Most additions to our development roadmap will fall into the long term category. These features will be delivered in a future cycle, however we will always endeavour to give you an estimation of when to expect implementation and delivery.
  4. Declined features. We are not able to deliver every feature that is suggested. If an idea is declined during our evaluation process, we will always provide a summary of how and why we reached this outcome.

To download or keep an offline copy of this guide, please see our Feature Suggestion PDF.