What is SmartboardMR?

SmartboardMR enables platform members to tag individual image elements with sentiments and leave detailed comments.

SmartboardMR can be accessed via: Back Room > Research tools > SmartboardMR

The first page you see is the main page that lists all of the open Smartboards, you can navigate to upcoming and closed Smartboards from this page as well:


From here you can: 

  • See the Smartboards currently live on the platform including: 
    • The scheduling of each Smartboard
    • The target sample for each Smartboard
    • The number of users who have/haven't responded to each Smartboard
    • Links to edit the Smartboard (Edit Icon)
    • Link to participant page (Create Manage Groups
    • Link to view the Smartboard (Project Icon)  
Through the actions drop-down, you can also send invites/reminders to users, download the image, duplicate the Smartboard (including image(s) and settings), close the Smartboard and delete the Smartboard:
SmartboardMR Actions