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What should I include in my Smartboard top and bottom descriptions?

We would recommend including loose questions in the top description of what you would like for the participants to focus on when leaving comments on the Smartboard. The bottom description is a chance to add in some technical information. If you have multiple smartboard images, it’s also a good idea to remind participants to comment on all smartboard images by scrolling down past the image and finding the selection of all images. Below is an example smartboard top and bottom description:

Top description:

"Please click on the image and add your comment(s). Please ensure you scroll down and address all of the questions above against each of the [insert number of Smartboard images and their type, e.g. 'designs', 'webpages', 'products'].

Please click on the red, orange or green boxes in the comment box to tell us if your comment is positive, negative or neutral.

How to hide markers – If you want to see the image without any comments, scroll to the bottom and click ‘hide all markers.

How to add a comment - for instructions on how to add a comment, please scroll to the bottom of the page."

Bottom Description

"How to add a comment

To add a comment, click on the part of the image where you would like to leave a marker. A prompt will appear saying ‘Do you want to add a marker here?’ and to continue select ‘OK’. A yellow box will then appear. You can write your comment in the box – but don’t forget to click ‘Add annotation’ otherwise your comment won’t be saved.

You can also view other group members’ comments by clicking on any of the existing numbered markers and reply to them/add your own comment – again, don’t forget to click on ‘Add annotation’.

How to recognise new comments

After you have logged out, when you log back in again and return to this smartboard, any markers with new comments added since your last login are highlighted with a red border. All comments added prior to your last login are highlighted with a yellow border."