How to manage ScrapbookMR tasks & download content

Task admins can view all participant images, associated comments and download content from a ScrapbookMR task.

Once your scrapbook is running you will want to monitor the number of users adding photos and adding comments as necessary. 

From the main scrapbook Back Room page, click to view the scrapbook (Projects Icon) and you'll see the photos uploaded to it:

ScrapbookMR Analysis

From this page you can see the different images uploaded to the scrapbook and any that have comments on.

By clicking into each photo you can see the description given to the image, read any comments and/or add your own comments:

ScrapbookMR Comment Analysis

Downloading content

Once your scrapbook is closed, you can download the images and any comments added to them via the actions drop-down on the main scrapbook page.