How to run TaskMR tasks

TaskMR offers admins the ability to monitor completion rates and send user prompts.

Once your task is running you will want to monitor the number of users completing the tasks as well as reading and prompting on entries. 

Click into your task from the main TaskMR page. To see the completed tasks, click the 'Responses' tab, or click to view responses (Tickbox Icon) from the main TaskMR page:

Managing Report CardMR Tasks

From this page you can: 

  • Download a CSV of all completed entries (Media Icon)
  • Download any images uploaded to the task (Media Icon)
From within the actions drop-down you can also, view the individual response, remind the user to complete additional tasks, contact the user, or delete the completed task:
Manage Report CardMR Actions
When you read the completed responses, you can then go on to comment/prompt on the completed task.

Photos and videos

If you want to see all the photos or videos uploaded by users as part of their task click on their relevant tabs:

Report CardMR Photos

You will see all the photos/videos uploaded and have the option to download them from this page.