What is the participant page in research tools?

Every task in a research tool has a tab that shows participation levels for members within the selected sample.

All research activities in the platform have a tab showing the level of participation within the task across all users within the sample. This can either be accessed via the 'Participation' tab for the task, or via the participation icon (Create Manage Groups): 

Participant List

Using the bar at the top of the page, you can see how many users:

  • Are eligible to take part in the task
  • Have logged in/not logged in to the platform 
  • Have completed the task, how many have partially completed the task and how many are yet to respond

You can also:

  • See all your users within the task
  • See which users have/haven’t taken part in the task overall, or across a specific date range (using the date filters)
  • See how much of the task each user has completed (i.e. percentage of the completion target) 
  • Filter to see the users who have completed/partially completed/not started the task
  • Send a message to an individual user or all users
  • Download your users, their demographic information uploaded into the platform (and set in participant page user fields) and also their level of completion 
  • Search for individual users within the task consumer group
  • See users’ public profiles (you cannot access the public profile of a user who has never logged in)
  • See the task in situ