How to reply and prompt in blog comments

For more information or explanation, admins can publicly or privately reply to blogs and blog comments.

For blog posts and comments as a moderator you can either:

  • Reply publicly
  • Reply privately

Public reply

If you want to reply publicly to the original blog post, just enter your comment into the main comment box at the bottom of the blog: 

Public Blog Comment

You can also reply publicly to other users' blog comments by selecting the public reply comment and then adding your comment to the box that appears:

View Comment Blog

Private reply

If you just want the user of the original blog post to see your comment, rather than replying to the main blog post, you need to instead select the discuss with user icon (Speech Icon) and then type your comment in that box:

Private Blog Reply

You can also reply privately to blog comments, again through the discuss with user icon (Speech Icon)  and the text box underneath the comment: 

Private Blog Reply