How to set up a question board

Question Boards will require a title, introduction and individual questions before publication.

The five minute video below walks through the process of setting up a new question board. Alternatively, text instructions and screenshots of key steps can be found underneath.

Create a question board 

You need to give your new question board a title and introduction (which will show to users), and set the photo/video options for users for the whole board (either always on/off or set for each question). You also need to set any admin rights up as well:

Create Question BoardMR


When setting the question board up, on the 'Sample' tab, you can either select from a list of existing consumer groups, or create a new consumer group:

Question BoardMR Sample

If you opt to create a new consumer group on this page, you will get a pop-up which contains a mini select sample page. You can then follow the exact same process to create your new group as you would on the main select sample page. 


Then you need to specify when you want your board to run:

Question BoardMR Scheduling

Add questions

You then need to add your questions to the board. 


Once your forum is live you can then send out the invites to it.