How to moderate & manage question boards

While live, it's possible to view responses, prompt participants and export data from question boards.

For a quick overview on how to moderate and manage ongoing question boards, please see the below video. Alternatively, a written description with screenshots is provided underneath.

The main Question Board page gives you an overview of your Question Board and from the 'Question' tab on the Question Board Back Room page you can view all the questions within your board. Questions which are coloured yellow are either upcoming or have closed, white coloured questions are live:

Question BoardMR Responses

From this page you can also:

  • Edit the question (Edit Icon
  • View the question in situ (Projects Icon
  • View the responses (Response Icon)
  • Link to the participant page (Create Manage Groups
  • See how many users have/haven't answered each question 
  • Move the questions up/down the list
From within the actions drop-down you can also, send invite/reminders about the question, download the images for the question, close the question or delete the question: 
Question BoardMR Manage Actions


Once your Question Board is live and you have participants responding you can read all comments through the front end of the Question Board (via the My Tasks tab in the navigation bar) or through the Back Room via the responses icon (Tickbox Icon):

Response List Question BoardMR

This shows (for that individual question) all the different responses to it, plus any comments on the initial response and also: 

  • View the response (Projects Icon) - takes you to the question in situ
  • Comment on the response (Speech Icon) - will show in a pop-up box replicating the same style as in the Question Board front end view
  • Contact user (Email Icon)
  • Delete response (Delete Icon

Prompting on responses

Responses can be prompted on via either the front end view (using the comment icon Comment Icon) or the back room (using the comment icon Speech Icon). The process of adding your prompt is the same once you have clicked on the icon.

You will get a text box to add your comment. If you want the comment to only be visible to the user who posted the comment (and not the other users in the Question Board) you need to tick 'Private comment'; if you tick 'Email this user to alert to reply' the user will receive an email notification to tell them that you have commented on their response, you will also receive an email notification when they reply to your comment:

Add Question BoardMR Comment

Exporting your Question Board transcript

Once your Question Board has closed you can export the transcript into excel via the actions drop-down.

The transcript export will contain a single excel sheet with a tab for each of your questions. Each tab will be labelled with the question board question name (please see an example in the screenshot below):


Also, photos and videos have separate tabs within the Question Board settings where you can view and download these. Photos can be downloaded as a group or individually, videos must be downloaded individually.