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How to run prize draws

Regular, random prize draws reward participants for ongoing participation in your InsightHub.

If you are wanting to do a prize draw using the points a user has earnt on the platform, you need to export the excel file and then do some calculations in excel and use the Random Between formula to generate your winner(s).

Step 1 - Export your points

From Back Room > Panel & Community Settings > User Statistics, set the download to be the 'Points Awarded' and then the time frame needed (e.g. monthly/quarterly):

Download Points

Step 2 - Allocate prize draw tickets to panellists

  • Order the file by points on the month and delete anyone who has 0
  • In the cell next to the first person (with the most points) use =(Cell number) (i.e. =(C2))
  • This should be the same number as the points the first member has
  • In the cell below use =(Cell with members points)+(Cell above we just typed in the formula for) (i.e. =(C3)+(D2))
  • This adds the second members points onto the first
  • Drag the second formula down the rest of the sheet so you have a running total
  • The last number in this column should equal the sum of the members points column

 If your prize draw is based on a combination of months/quarters you need to have a total points column which includes a sum of all points needed. 

Step 3: Find your prize draw winner(s)

  • Use =RANDBETWEEN(1, total sum of the points) (i.e. =randbetween(1,15240))
  • You then search the winners from the column with the formulas in based on the number generated
  • Repeat for the number of winners you need

Step 4: Message your winner to let them know and post a news item on the panel

  • Use the panel inbox to contact them