How to view charts in NumbersMR

NumbersMR offers various ways in which you can display your data in visual charts.

You can view various chart types in NumbersMR based off your tables.

The types of chart available are:

  • Bar – horizontal and vertical – available for all question types
  • Pie – not available for questions with multi-choice answer options
  • Doughnut – not available for questions with multi-choice answer options

The chart colours are generated based on the site’s main theme colour. For the Pie and Doughnut charts, label names are included in the key down the right-hand side of the charts.

Anything that you merge, hide and exclude in the table is reflected in the accompanying chart.

If there are 10 or fewer items, and more than two items combined are below 5% they are merged in the chart’s display. This allows for the rows that add up to less than 5% to be combined into an "other" group. This keeps the chart tidy, whilst maintaining the most data.

The 5% is calculated based on the visible total. If, for example, the total Pie only adds up to 50%, it is 5% of that, because the intention of this feature is to maintain chart readability. Combined results are reflected in the tooltips so that you are able to see what’s combined in a 5% slice etc.

To view charts in NumbersMR, on the right-hand side of the page use the drop-down box to select ‘chart’.

NumbersMR table to chart screenshot

The default chart is a bar chart but the options for other chart types are shown in the top right-hand side of the page. For the questions where the Pie and Doughnut are not available, as in the screenshot below, those chart options will be greyed out and when you hover over those icons they will display the ‘not available’ icon.

NumbersMR chart type not available icon screenshot

You can view bar charts for both Frequency tables and Summary tables. You can view pie and doughnut charts for Frequency tables. The chart types display as the following:


Vertical bar chart:NumbersMR Bar chart view screenshotNumbersMR summary table chart screenshot-1Horizontal bar chart:NumbersMR Bar chart 2 view screenshotNumbersMR summary table Horizontal chart screenshotPie