Where do news items display?

News items can be accessed via the platform navigation bar and news widget.

News items can be viewed from multiple places on the site:

Via the navigation bar on the homepage.

News Tab

From this link you can view the full list of live News items where the title and a preview of the text is shown. You can also see from the screenshot below a 'read more' link is automatically added to each item depending on the length, which the platform determines through the number of paragraphs within the News item. To remove the 'Read More' link , create new line spaces within the News item by inserting new lines using ‘Shift+Enter’. This way the platform won’t read the text as new paragraphs (e.g. if you were to press 'Enter' to separate the text) and the ‘read more’ link will not show. 

News List

Via a News widget, if you have a 'news feed' widget set-up to show on the homepage. On this display, within the widget settings you can choose to show just the title of the news item or a preview of the content along with the title.

News Widget