What is the news feature?

An overview of the InsightHub news feature and core components.

The News feature is controlled via: Back Room > Research tools > NewsMR

The first page you see is the main news page that lists all the currently published news items, you can navigate to unpublished news items from this page too (either those that have been set up and never published, or those that have previously been published):

News Feature

From here you can also:

  • Edit the news item (Edit Icon)
  • View the news item (Projects Icon)
  • See the sample the news item is set to and how many users will see it

From the actions drop-down you can also opt to publish/unpublish a news item or delete it:

News Action

View count

You can see how many people have read a particular news item by clicking into the news item in the back room and then the status tab.

News Status