How to manage custom pages

InsightHub uses a framework so that you can build pages into your research platform which include text, images and links.

You can build your page by adding in elements, which are displayed as boxes outlined in blue. You can add or remove elements as you go, working on a single element at a time.

The Page is designed for you to be able to write your content directly into the elements. You can also copy content from another location – we recommend that you do this using plain text. If you are pasting content directly from a word document please be aware that the formatting therefore may show differently when the content is added to the page. To address this, you can copy your content into a text or notepad document first, to remove the formatting.

All system pages are created/amended through Back Room > Site Content > Pages

Anything linked to key participant information such as terms and conditions, privacy policy and cookie policy will be set up by FlexMR during the platform set up. 

Page List

This will take you to a summary page where you can see all of the pages which are currently in the site. From here you can click the title of a page to edit it, or use the quick links (the cog and screen icons) to edit or view the page. You can also move the order of the pages or remove a page by using the options in the actions button on the right hand site of the screen. If you remove a page, this will permanently delete it from the site, so please ensure that you will not need to use the page again before removing it.