How to manage Forums

Once live, forums can be managed from the InsightHub back room and participant view.

There are some controls needed for running forums both at topic and thread level, to accesss these from a user perspective, click into the 'Forum' tab in the Homepage navigation bar. The below video covers the basics of moderating and managing forums. Alternatively, a written explanation continues underneath.

Topic level

The main forum topic page shows some basic information about the participation within each thread including how many individual threads, the total number of posts across all the topics and the date/time/screen name/thread of the last post within the topic. 

For each topic you can edit the topic (Forum Moderation Icon), delete the topic (Forum Delete Icon), download the topic (Forum Download Icon) and go to the participant page for the topic (Forum People Icon).

ForumMR Threads Example

Thread level

Within the individual forum threads users can like each others' posts, quote previous posts in replies (Forum Quote Icon) and reply to the main thread. Forum moderators do this as well as privately prompting users (Forum Speech Icon) and deleting posts (Forum Bin Icon) .

All users can also report posts (Forum Warning Icon) that they find abusive - this will send an email to the system administrator.  

Within an individual forum thread, moderators can delete a thread (Forum Bin Background Icon), archive a thread (Forum Folder Background Icon) and download the thread (Forum Download Background Icon). If you archive a thread, it will no longer be visible to participants but is still within the system for searching.

ForumMR Example