How to manage live SmartboardMR tasks

While live, it's possible to view smartboard comments, discussion and sentiment tags.

You can access a live smartboard in three ways:
  • Via the ‘View’ icon  (Project Icon)  in the Back Room
  • Via the responses tab in the Back Room per Smartboard
  • Via the ‘My Tasks’ tab on the hoemapge navigation bar 
  • Via the Activity widget on the homepage (if this type of widget is used) 

Annotations are added numerically and are colour coded to reflect sentiment (if this option in turned on), participants do not see the sentiment coding.

Once in the Smartboard, you can:
  • see and read the annotations added by participants by clicking into the numbered markers
  • see the sentiment of the comments (if turned on)
  • remove or change annotations/markers
  • download the image and/or annotation Pin Icon 
  • close the Smartboard task Close Icon
SmartboardMR Comments