What is FlexMR InsightHub?

An introduction to the platform, structure and access controls.

The InsightHub platform allows you to run long term community panels, ad-hoc projects or a combination of both. Depending on what your project package includes, these are the main sections of the site which you will become familiar with:

  • Database - users, information held about your users and sampling
  • Research tools – the research tools included in your package (includes the setting up and management of all research activities)
  • Design options - the layout of the homepage, login page and mobile site for the platform 
  • Platform content – key site information including privacy policy, terms and conditions etc. 
  • Panel & community settings - using points and the Social functionality to maximise engagement of users

The below video briefly highlights how to log into InsightHub, the differences between member and admin views, in addition to key items on the navigation menus.

Access levels within the platform

You, members of your team and stakeholders will all have 'client' logins, anyone with a 'client' login can be given admin rights over tools, the main admin rights are:

  • Administrators - Have controls that allow editing, removing and participating in activities. Uses the 'Back Room' for setting up and managing the research activities
  • Participants - Can contribute to activities as a participant would (but have no administrator rights over the activity)

    • Observers - Cannot contribute to any activities within the platform (either in terms of set up or participation). This login is for viewing only
    The level of administrator rights each client user has depends on their use of the platform; for example, some admins will have access to the database and look & feel as well as the research tools, others will just have access to the research tools.

    Accessing the InsightHub Help Centre

    The InsightHub help centre is available at any point by going to https://help.flexmr.net/ or directly from your platform back room area by clicking on the button highlighted below: