Interactive Question BoardMR demo

A short demonstration of how InsightHub members can interact with question boards, highlighting key features and functionality.

Welcome to the interactive demo of Question BoardMR. The below screens provide a safe environment in order to click through and explore the participant interface. The demo shows an example of a real-life question board in which two of five scheduled questions have been posted.

To begin, please accept cookies and click on either of the Answer Question buttons associated with the demo questions. From here, you can see how comments, moderation and replies interact within the structured threads.

If you need to scroll within the wireframe, please use either multi-touch trackpad gestures or a mousewheel.

Please note that some sequences have been shortened to streamline the demo experience. Not all functionality is available in the interactive screens. 

For more information on any of the features highlighted in this demo, please visit the Question BoardMR section of the Help Centre.