Interactive NumbersMR demo

NumbersMR is a simple, easy-to-use but versatile quantitative analysis tool. Get a feel for how it works with this demo.

Welcome to the interactive demo of NumbersMR. The below screens provide a safe environment in order to click through and explore the analysis options within the tool. See just how easy it is to add, analyse and manipulate data in tabular and graph format.

To begin, please accept cookies and press any of the available buttons. While many functions have been disabled in this demo, you can view banner tables, frequency tables and graphs for one of the answer options within survey question 5.

If you need to scroll within the wireframe, please use either multi-touch trackpad gestures or a mousewheel.

Please note that some sequences have been shortened to streamline the demo experience. Not all functionality is available in the interactive screens. 

For more information on any of the features highlighted in this demo, please visit the NumbersMR section of the Help Centre.