Interactive Forum demo

A quick, guided tour of the Forum qualitative research feature from the perspective of InsightHub members.

Welcome to the interactive demo of Forums. The below screens provide a safe environment in order to click through and explore the various options available within the tool. The demo shows an example of an early stage forum with multiple topics and threads created by both participants and administrators.

To begin, please accept cookies and click on the Food Trends Autumn 2020 topic. This will bring you from the topic screen into the thread overview for that topic. Click the Autumn Themed Tacos thread to explore the thread view and add a comment. The Forum header banner will return you to the topic screen at any time.

If you need to scroll within the wireframe, please use either multi-touch trackpad gestures or a mousewheel.

Please note that some sequences have been shortened to streamline the demo experience. Not all functionality is available in the interactive screens. 

For more information on any of the features highlighted in this demo, please visit the ForumMR section of the Help Centre.