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Is InsightHub available as an app?

A short guide to the app development process, order of actions required throughout the process and answers to questions about the app.


The InsightHub app is a lightweight version of the full platform, designed to facilitate greater participant engagement on mobile devices. When we develop an app to accompany your InsightHub platform, we produce two versions - one for Android and one for iOS devices. Both apps deliver the same functionality but are distributed to their respective app stores per the guidelines set out by Google and Apple.

Once a member of your InsightHub platform downloads the app, they will be able to log in, take part in research activities and engage with community features. They will also recieve notifications when new tasks are published. Admin users will not be able to access the Back Room via the app.

Development Process

Once you have requested an app to accompany your web-based InsightHub, the FlexMR Client Support team will send you a document outlining, in detail, the materials we will require from you to commence development. In general, at this stage, we will ask you to confirm key design elements and decisions, including:

  • App name and supporting visual icons
  • Launch/ splash screen design or guide
  • Information to support app store listings

App stores will typically require a description, links to a privacy policy and where users can access support, plus accompanying screenshots. Once we have received these materials, our team will complete the technical build of your app for both major mobile operating systems. We will thoroughly test your app to ensure functionality matches, as close as possible, your mobile-web InsightHub platform. After testing, the code packages will be uploaded to the Google Play and Apple App stores for marketplace approval and release

Example Timeline

Due to the nature of the software development process, it is not possible to provide a guaranteed timeline of app delivery. However, from the date an app request is agreed to a live version being available for download - a reasonable estimate is between two and four weeks. The main factors that will influence or extend this timeline are:

  • Delivery of initial required assets and materials
  • Findings and investigations arising from testing
  • Current approval times of app store owners

The FlexMR Client Support team will be able to provide more information based on the context of your app.

Other Questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about developing a mobile app to accompany an InsightHub platform.

How is an app different to the mobile view?

While the mobile view and app share significant functionality - the app can be saved on participant devices and delivers push notifications. Please note: signup cannot be completed via the app.

Which devices will the app run on?

Our team produce apps for iOS and Android devices. As standard, apps are made available across both operating systems - however can be limited to just one if required.

How much does an app cost?

To add an app to your InsightHub licence costs £2,500 per year for the duration of your contract. This can be added or removed at any time.

How can I find out more?

For more information on setup, please contact the FlexMR Client Support team. If you are interested in adding an app to your license, your Account Manager will be able to provide assistance.

You can also download this guide as a PDF for quick reference here