How to test a SurveyMR 2.0

Surveys should be thoroughly tested before participants take part to ensure any errors are spotted and corrected.

Once you have finished programming your survey and adding all questions, branch logic and completion nodes required, you can test your survey before putting it live to your participants.

To do this, click on the ‘Start a test run’ button at the top of the canvas, anyone with tool admin or task admin access to the survey will be able to use the test run functionality. If you require an external testing link for your surveys, you can use the 'Get a Test Run link' option to generate this:

testingsurveymr2Whilst your survey is still upcoming, you can make any changes to the questions, branch logics etc. through the ‘build’ tab in your survey settings.

The ‘Start test run’ button will show you the onscreen view and end messages that an internal user completing the survey will see, whereas using the external link via the ‘Get Test Run Link’ button will take the journey an external participant would see.

  • When using either the 'start test run' option or the 'get a test run link' option, your answers will be recorded in the survey results download.


Please note: when you set your survey 'live', any test results recorded in the survey results download will be removed automatically.