Resources for Video Focus Groups

Please see below some standardised templates that we have created for video focus groups. Please feel free to use/adapt these for your groups.


Below is a set of questions that we would include in our recruitment screener to ensure we are collecting the correct information and consent but also that participants are aware of what is required to take part in a video focus group.

Introduction and data protection

Q1. Hello! We’re looking for a group of people to take part in an online video focus group to [brief description of project aim, e.g. review an advert campaign]. The research will be taking place in during the week starting [insert dates] and will require 60 minutes of your time.

The research activity would involve you being part of a small group video discussion, where a moderator will ask the group questions, in order to get your feedback.

As a thank you for taking part fully in the 60 minutes, you will be given [insert amount].

Would you be interested in taking part?

  1. Yes
  2. No [thank and close]

Q2. Insert question to cover who is running the research and how the data will be used for data protection purposes. Example used by FlexMR is:

The research project is being carried out by FlexMR, an independent market research company.

Your participation is entirely voluntary and your identity will remain anonymous. The answers you give will only be used for the purposes of research; they will not be used to sell or market products to you.

FlexMR complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is a member of the Market Research Society (MRS), and as such will treat the information you give with the strictest of confidence.

  1. Okay, I understand

Q3. The video group discussion will be recorded and video footage may be used in the presentation of findings to [client name], but it will not be shared for further editing with any other company and your details will remain confidential.

These recordings will not be used for commercial purposes for example to promote, advertise or generate publicity for [client name] or FlexMR.

Do you consent to the video footage being used in this way?

  1. Yes
  2. No [thank and close]

Sample screening

Q4. Great! We just have a few questions for you, to make sure you meet the criteria for this particular research project.

Insert any questions to screen your participants and ensure they meet the required sample criteria. You may wish to include…

Q. Which of the following age brackets do you belong to?
    1. Under 18 [thank and close]
    2. 18-24
    3. 25-34
    4. 35-44
    5. 45-54
    6. 55-64
    7. 65+

Q. Are you…

  1. Male
  2. Female
  3. Prefer not to say

Availability check

Q5. Thank you for that!

The online video groups are due to run on the dates and times below - please select those that you would be available for.

Please only select the dates and times that you would be available for the full 60 minutes.

Please note, you will need to be available to login to our research site 15 minutes before the group start time.

  1. Group 1 date and time
  2. Group 2 date and time
  3. Group 3 date and time
  4. I am not available for either of these dates or times [thank and close]

Technical screening

Q6. Because this session will be done online using your computer, we have a few questions to ask you to ensure a smooth online experience.

The discussion can be done from your home, with the only requirement being that you have access to both a computer with a webcam, audio and internet connection for use during the session. To ensure you can participate, please answer the following technical questions.

  1. Continue
Q7. Participating in an online video group is similar to using Skype or Facetime. Please tell us how often you yourself have ever used Skype, Facetime or anything similar?

    Our advice would be to use those more familiar with this type of set-up.

    1. A few times a week
    2. A few times a month
    3. A few times a year
    4. Within the past 2 years
    5. Never
    6. I have used something else [please specify]
    Q8. To take part in the online video focus group, you would need to have access to a desktop computer, laptop or large tablet device for the full 60 minutes. Please indicate below which device you are able to join the group from, selecting all that apply.
      1. Desktop computer
      2. Laptop
      3. Tablet – please note, participants must switch to full site mode to take part on this device
      4. I don’t have access to any of these devices [thank and close]
      Q9. Which browser(s) do you currently have installed on your computer? Please select all that apply.
      1. Google chrome [Recommended]
      2. Mozilla Firefox [Recommended]
      3. Internet explorer
      4. Safari [Recommended]
      5. Opera
      6. Other [please specify]
      7. I don’t know the browsers installed [Exclusive answer] – Recommended to follow-up with any participants who qualify for your study and answer this question to establish the browsers they can access the group via prior to confirming their place in the study
      Q10. Because this is a video based discussion, you will need a webcam. Please let us know if you currently have a webcam? (note: the webcam can be built into your laptop/computer or a separate piece of equipment that is plugged into your laptop/computer)
      1. I have a working webcam built into my computer/laptop
      2. I have a working webcam that can be plugged/attached to my computer/laptop
      3. I do not have a webcam [thank and close]

      Q11. During your discussion, you will need an in-built or plug in microphone and set of headphones/ headset. Please let us know if you currently have a headset or earbuds?

      1. I have a working headset with a microphone included
      2. I have working earbuds with a microphone included
      3. I have an in-built microphone
      4. I do not have any of these [thank and close]

      Collection of contact information and tech check

      Q12. Further instructions will follow closer to the session date. Please confirm the following details so that we can contact you:

      1. Name ______________
      2. Email ______________
      3. Daytime telephone number ______________
      4. Evening telephone number ______________

      Participant preparation

      Once a participant has been selected, it is best to send a confirmation email to let them know they have been selected for the video group. If you are uploading new members into an InsightHub site, you may also ask them to log into the site to complete their account set up as soon as the registration email has been received. 

      Additionally, we have the following checklist for participants that you could include within your communications:

      What do I do before the group?

      1. Complete your account set-up to our research site here:

      Change to ask participants to check their login details are working okay if they are an existing member of the research site.

      2. Prior to logging in, ensure you have a quiet place to sit with a suitable background. Remember that anything in the video stream will be recorded. Some additional things you may want to consider are:
        • The space you have chosen is well lit either by natural or artificial light.
        • Your webcam and screen are in a comfortable position to look at - try to make sure they are not too close or far away.
        • Try to minimise any distractions and noise in the space. You may wish to let people that you share the space with know that you’ll be taking part in a focus group.
        3. Ensure that you have a desktop or laptop to access the focus group on, and that the device has either a stable WiFi or wired internet connection from your chosen location.
      1. 4. Test that your in-built or wired webcam and microphone are receiving video and sound prior to the start of the session. You may also wish to check your speakers and/ or headphones.
      2. 5. Please ensure that you have at least one of the following web browsers installed on the device you will be using to log in, and that you use it to access the focus group: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari.
      3. 6. On the day of the session, please login to the platform at least 15 minutes before the group is scheduled to begin.
        1. Once the group opens, you will be able to join via the in-platform link.

      Text Introduction for the Group

      As participants join the group, we recommend making both a verbal introduction and pasting the following template text into the chat window:

      Welcome to this online video focus group. This session will last approximately [60-90] minutes. If you experience any issues during the group and need to reach one of our researchers, please call [insert number] and ask for [insert nominated person to help].

      Please check that you have accessed this session through the Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser. If you are using a different browser please log out, open one of these browsers, go to [insert URL] and log back in. You will be able to reenter the group again and continue.

      Please go to the ‘My Video Feed’ tab and click the ‘enable’ button to start your video feed. Your browser may prompt you to allow access to your video and microphone at this time – please click allow or both. Once you can see your video feed working, please join me and the other participants in the ‘Video’ tab.