How to download Focus GroupMR transcripts

Focus GroupMR transcripts can be downloaded and exported for further analysis and reporting.

Once the focus group has been closed, it will move to the closed tab in the Back Room area: Back Room > Research tools > Focus GroupMR.

Text-based transcripts are available straight away, however, please allow 5-10 minutes for the video download to appear in the closed tab.

Text-based transcripts are available to download into Excel.

  • To download your transcript, click on the actions button and in the drop-down list select ‘Download transcript’.
  • Videos can be downloaded via the 'Download Video Archive' option in the list.

To download the results of polls, click into your focus group and into the 'Results' tab. Here you will see graphs of your polls displayed on the page and also a 'Download Poll Results' button.

To download the smartboard image markers and comments, click into the focus group, go to the  the resources tab and click the actions button.