What is Focus GroupMR?

Focus GroupMR is a real-time solution that brings participants into a live, dynamic chat room.

Focus GroupMR can be accessed via: Back Room > Research tools > Focus GroupMR.

Currently text based groups and video groups are available via the desktop site only.

  • When you click into the Focus Group admin page (as above), you will then see the page in the screenshot below.
  • This by default shows any live groups, but you can also quickly see any upcoming or closed groups by switching between the tabs.

From the Focus GroupMR admin page, you can see the title of the group, the type of group you have set-up (text or video), start and end dates set for the group (please note the group will not automatically go live or close, this has to be done manually by the moderator), project the group is set to, consumer group the group is set to and number of members added and attended.

Here you can also complete actions such as reminding users about the group, duplicating the group, downloading the transcript, cancelling and removing the group.

Once inside a focus group you can communicate with your participants via text chat and/or video depending on your set-up. You can also do the following within your focus group:

  • Show stimuli (images, videos & audio)
  • Get a quick show of hands via polls
  • Show a Smartboard (available only for text based groups currently)

To view our interactive video focus groups demo, please use the link below: