Exporting SurveyMR 2.0 data into an Excel CSV file

There is a tab dedicated to downloading your data into a CSV in SurveyMR 2.0 so that you can specify your preferences before exporting.

You can download your survey results to a CSV file, this produces a download with one set of responses per row, and each question in a column. In the ‘Export’ tab, you can choose to download your file with raw data or labels for the questions and/or responses.


Header Row Style

Here you can choose to export your data ‘Question number only’ or as ‘Question number with labels’ which will show the question number and the question text.

Data Row Style

In the ‘without labels’ option, all answers will show numerically, corresponding to the order in which the answer options have been set. For example, if your answer options are ‘Yes’; ‘No’; ‘Not sure’, these would be recorded as 1, 2, and 3.

Where data ‘As answer labels’ has been set, the full text of the answer option selected will show in the download.

Multiple choice questions and grids have a column for each answer choice in binary format, and in this case the answer option is shown in the column header

For each row,

  • 0 = answer has not been chosen
  • 1 = answer has been chosen

Irrespective of the header and row type selected, the columns at the end of the file will include:

  • System unique ID, user name
  • The date and time the survey was started
  • The date and time the survey was finished
  • The average time the response took
  • Any user fields which are set to be shown in the CSV download

Date Range Download

In addition to downloading full results as an Excel CSV document, you can also download an Excel CSV file of survey responses between two selected dates.

In the ‘Export’ tab under your labelling preferences, you will see options for selecting a date range for your download.

exports2dataintoexcelcsvdaterangeOnce you have set your preferences and clicked the ‘Download’ button, your CSV download will be accessible through the waiting room.