How to create a news item

News items are the quickest and easiest way to update platform members on research results, new tasks & more.

To add a new news item, click 'Add News Item' from the main news page, give the news item a title and add your content:

Create News Item


Then set who you want to see the news item through the 'Sample' tab, you can either select from a list of existing consumer groups, or create a new consumer group:

News Sample

If you opt to create a new consumer group on this page, you will get a pop-up which contains a mini select sample page. You can then follow the exact same process to create your new group as you would on the main select sample page. 


Then set if you want to publish your news item or save it so as to publish it another day:

News Status

If you don't publish the news item when creating it, to publish it later on simply go to the 'Unpublished' tab and select 'publish' from the actions drop-down. 

Should you want to unpublish an existing news item, simply select 'unpublish' from the actions drop-down.