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How do I create a client an observer account?

Observer accounts provide access to an InsightHub platform and results without admin rights.

First, create your client a new account on the platform using the ‘add single user’ feature via back room > database. Ensure that you select ‘client’ for the type of account. If you want to trigger the ‘new account email’ to send to your client, do not fill in the screenname and password fields.

Alternatively you can set a screenname and password for your client when creating their account, then send on these login details to your client externally for them to login with.

Once you’re the client account has logged in for the first time, you will then be able to set them as an ‘observer’ or an ‘admin’ using the ‘admin rights’ tab for a specific project or task. Please contact the FlexMR Helpdesk team on support@flexmr.net to learn more about the levels of admin rights.