How to set up blog categories

Blog categories group blogs by topic, making it easier for platform members to browse and search content.

Blog categories can be optionally created so that blog posts from different users can be viewed together by topic. Unless blog categories are created, all blog posts will be uncategorised. Blog categories can only be created by moderators and not by users.

To edit or add to the existing blog categories, click 'Blog categories' from the main blog back room page:

Blog Categories

To add a new category, simply type the name in to the 'Add Blog Category' name box and press 'Add'.

With the current blog categories you can edit them (Edit Icon) to change their name, move up or down the order (Up Down Icon), view all blogs within that category (Search Icon) or delete the category (Delete Icon). If you delete a blog category, all blogs within that category will then show as uncategorised.