Adding quotas to a SurveyMR 2.0

Quotas allow you to limit the number of respondents that can give a specific answer to a question within your survey.

For instance, you may only want 100 respondents from the UK to complete a question, adding a quota node will allow you to specify this as a requirement.

How to add a quota node

To add a quota node, you simply need to drag in a ‘Quick Quota’ node from the quota logic menu and drop this on the canvas between the relevant questions.


Your quota node will then look like the screenshot below and splits respondents into two paths based upon whether they are over quota or under quota.



Important notes

  • Quotas need to be added when your survey is in upcoming and cannot be added to a live survey.
  • Quotas are required for all answer options to the selected question and no answer can be blank.

Customising your quotas

Once you have added your quota in you will want to customise your quota by selecting the edit icon in the top right of the node. Within this node you can then select the question on which you wish to base this quota.

Once your question is selected you will be able to set a quota for each answer. Should you not need any completes for a certain answer you can select 0 and all users that provide this answer will count as over quota. Alternatively, if you don’t want to limit the respondents for a certain answer you can add a number higher than the overall sample number, to ensure that it will not be achieved.


Important notes

  • Quotas do not control the final completes of the survey and only control the amount of responses to the question that they are based upon. For example, if your quota is based upon your first question, users may drop out or be routed out further down the survey and as such your quota could be full without the required amount of completes. As such we would recommend increasing quotas slightly and then monitoring these close to ensure that you can close off certain paths once you have the required number of completes.
  • Setting a quota of 0 will stop any respondents being able to continue if they have given this answer and they will be classed as over quota.

Over quota if any answer full

i.e., If a user selects 3 out of a possible 4 answers in a multiple-choice question, and any one of those 3 have the quota full, they are routed to ‘Over quota’

Over quota if all answers full

i.e., if a user selects 3 out of a possible 4 answers in a multiple-choice question, and only one of those 3 has the quota full, they are considered ‘Under quota’


Once your quota parameters are set, you can then link the branches from this node to the appropriate exit or follow-on question/s.

Important note

  • Quotas can be adjusted once your survey is live should you need to increase or decrease the numbers within this.