What options are available for adding new users?

InsightHub supports multiple methods of adding new users including data uploads and recruitment surveys

There are several ways to add participants to your InsightHub. The type of user (e.g. participant or observer), volume of users and source (e.g. pre-recruited list or wider sample) will dictate which method you use.

On the whole, participants are added through Database by an admin either as a single upload, or a multiple upload, however, SurveyMR can also be used to to add users into the platform via the promote account functionality.

How should I add users?

  • Single user upload is best for for creating observer accounts
  • Multiple user upload should be used when you have a pre-recruited list of participants
  • SurveyMR promote account would be used when you are running an external survey but want to give participants the option to join the platform at the end of the survey; or for dedicated recruitment screener surveys