How to select sample

To add groups of participants to research activities, you will need to create the correct sample set

The following video walks through the basic steps to selecting sample based on consumer groups. Alternatively, a written explanation with screenshots continues below.

Whenever you need to search for a particular segment of users to target your research activities at you will need to use the select sample page, you can either add users to consumer groups which you have already created or create new groups via the select sample page (Back room > Database > Account Search).

On the account search page, you need to first select your sample selection criteria using the filters on the left hand side of the page:

  • Personal field– allows you to search on name, email address or screen name
  • User Fields – allows you to search for users based on the user field data, the user fields will displayed under the category they were set up as part of (see 'User fields') 
  • Project Membership –  allows you to search for users within a specific project on the site
  • Group Membership – allows you to search for ‘members’ or ‘non-members’ of previously created consumer groups
  • Task Participation – allows you to search for users who have or haven’t taken part in a specific activity 
  •  Results – allows you to search based on responses to closed questions in a poll, survey, report card or diary study task:
    •  Select the source type (poll, survey, report card or diary study task) from the dropdown
    • Then select the specific source (which survey, poll etc. you want to base your filter on)
    • Select the question you want to use
    • Then select the answer you want to base your filter on
    • You can combine filters or use Advanced Filtering
  • Points - allows you to search for users based on points, greater than, equal to or less than a specified number
  • Email Frequency - this is only available if you have the email limiter function activated in your InsightHub. You can identify users who have received an email within a range of days and remove or add these users from/to your sample.  This is useful if you are selecting a small sample, using this filter you can be sure that those selected will receive the invitation. 
  • Role – allows you to search based on a users’ role (e.g. client or consumer)
  • Access Behaviour – allows you to search for users based on various fields including:
  • Active/inactive – whether a member is active (logged in and set a screen name) or inactive (never logged in and not set a screen name)
  • Subscription – whether a member is subscribed or unsubscribed from the site
  • Last log in – whether a member has logged in on or after a specified date
  • Tenure – the date after which a user’s account was created on the site
  • Purged/not purged – whether an unsubscribed user has had their account details purged
All your different search criteria will show at the top of the page, when you have all the criteria needed, press 'filter' and the users matching your search criteria will be shown:

Select Sample Filter

You will get a breakdown of the number of users matching your sample criteria (total, logged in and never logged in); you can then add them to either an existing consumer group, a new consumer group or split them into a random consumer group sample (2 or more consumer groups of an equal size) through the 'actions' drop down menu on the top right of the page.

Adding to an existing group

When adding users to an existing group, select the group from the drop down list and specify whether you want selected users (i.e. all those on the first page), or all users from the search to be added to the group:

Select Sample Add

Adding to a new group

If creating a new group, you will need to give it a name, description, specify the project and also whether it applies to selected users (i.e. all on the first page), or all users from the search:

Select Sample Add 2

Adding to a random sample

Should you need to split the users into a specific number of consumer groups, or to create a group of a random number of members you can do this via the random sample option, you would follow the same way as creating a consumer group above, but would just specify how many groups you want to be created:

Select Sample Random

Remove from consumer group

Should you need to remove people from a consumer group, simply apply the filters in the same way as you would if you were adding someone to a group and from the actions at the bottom of the page, remove them from the group(s) as needed by selecting them from the drop down box:

Select Sample Remove

Resend Registrations

Should you need to prompt inactive users to activate their account and log in, the resend registrations button will resend the new account email/welcome email to those who are inactive. Filter for those who are ‘inactive’ using the Access Behaviour > Active/Inactive filter. Please note if you wish to edit the new account email/welcome email template text before sending out your resend registration emails, please contact