How to test surveys

Surveys should be thoroughly tested before participants take part to ensure there are no errors.

Once you have finished programming your survey and adding all questions and question features you can test your survey before putting it live to your participants by clicking on ‘Start a test run’ on the ‘edit questions’ page, anyone with administrator rights over all surveys, or that particular survey will be able to use the test run functionality. If you have people without an admin account over surveys, you can use the 'External Test Run link' option instead:

Test Survey

If you have previously started a test run, then abandoned it part way through, you are also given the option to continue with a previous test run. 

As your survey is still upcoming, you can then make any changes to the questions or the routing through the 'survey question list' page. 

Your answers are not shown in the survey results download so if you want to test in this way you should test as an open link survey.

Testing as an open link survey

You can also test your survey live by putting it live as an open link survey and then clicking through the survey. With this option you can check the survey export. If you do this, to make any changes you would need to duplicate the survey.

We would always recommend testing a survey which uses passback links prior to launching.