How to publish new surveys

Before a survey can be published, it's important to set the survey sample, scheduling and settings.

Once your survey is programmed you need to set the following before sending out invites to complete:

  • Sample - who you are targeting with your survey (e.g. existing people who have accounts within the platform or people outside of the platform)
  • Settings
  • Scheduling


  • Whether you add an additional logo to the survey
  • Whether the survey has the progress bar showing to respondents (this is on by default)
  • Whether the survey has question numbers showing to respondents (this is off by default)
  • The number of points a user earns for completing a survey or being routed out early (if left blank, this defaults to the overall survey points settings)

These are set via the 'settings' tab as shown below:

Going Live Settings

If running an survey to an non-platform sample, you will have some additional settings to complete. 


This should only be set once you have set up the sample and settings as this controls the dates which your survey runs. You can either set the survey to go live instantly ('Go live now') or set it to go live automatically on a specific date via entering the date in the calendar, you can also set a date for the survey to close on:

Going Live Scheduling

If using the calendar to set start and end dates, the survey will go live at 00:01 on the date in the calendar and close at 23:59 on the date in the calendar. If your survey closes, you cannot reopen the same survey so only set dates if you are certain you want it to close on that date!

Inviting users

Once you have put your survey live and want to send out an invite to respondents, for surveys running to platform users, you will use the 'Send internal invites' option on the 'Invites' tab and then follow the normal steps for sending an invite:

Going Live Reminders

If you are using an open link survey which you will be publishing the link outside of the platform, you need to copy the open link from the 'Invite' tab: 

Going Live Open Link

If you are using a CSV upload, you need to use the 'Send external invites' from the 'Invite' tab and then follow the normal steps for sending an invite:

Upload CSV

For each survey you send out to an external CSV list you have the option to add an unsubscribe link to supress reminders for that survey (no_reminder_link) or unsubscribe from all future emails from the platform (unsubscribe_link); these show in the fields list on the right hand side of the invite/reminder window. 

Going Live Sending Invite

If anyone unsubscribes from your survey you can export the list from the main survey page.