How to manage SurveyMR fieldwork

Once live,it's possible to export surveys, view responses and get detailed breadowns from SurveyMR.

Once you have set your survey live and sent out your invites, you will see your 'responded' totals going up for your survey.

If you're wanting to check on progress of your survey in more detail you can use some of the other SurveyMR functionalities to do this:

  • Export the survey to excel to create a Master download of completed responses and identify those you want to remove as part of quality checking
  • Use the responses tab to clean out incomplete and poor quality responses from the platform records (this will remove them from any downloads, dashboard tables and exports)
  • Use the results icon (Dashboard Icon) to see how many people have answered each question and results in real-time

If you want to boost the responses further, you can send out reminders to those who have yet to responded, using the reminder options on the 'Invite' tab.