How to create drag and drop questions in SurveyMR

Drag and drop questions can be created from single, multiple choice and grid questions.

You can create drag and drop questions based on single/multiple choice questions and grid questions. If you do not add answer choice images, you can have the respondent drag and drop words instead. For grid drag and drop questions, you can choose to allow single or multiple answer choices, and to either drag answers onto sub-questions or sub-questions onto answer choices. Example of some of the different drag and drop options are shown below:

Single/multiple choice questions:

Q) Which of the following drinks would you purchase at the airport? (Please select all that apply).

1. Beer

2. Wine

3. Cocktail

4. Coffee

5. Water

Drag and Drop

Grid single choice drag and drop grid with answers dragged to sub-questions:

Q. How do you feel about the following sorts of activities? Please put the face which best describes how you feel on the activity. (Please select one emotion which best describes your attitude to each activity).

  Answers (draggable)
Happy Indifferent  Sad Bored
Sub-questions (drop zones) Going to the beach        
Outdoor activities        
Playing sports        
Watching TV        

Grid Single Choice Dragged to Subquestions

Multi choice drag and drop grid with answer dragged to sub-questions:

Multiple Choice Grid

Single choice drag and drop grid with with sub-questions dragged to answers:

Q. Which of the following would you choose to eat? Move those foods you would choose to the plate and put the others back on the shelf.

  Answers (drop zones)
Plate Shelf
Sub-questions (draggable) Apple    

Single Choice Drag Drop