What is SurveyMR?

Surveys built within InsightHub can take advantage of in-depth routing, sampling and scheduling options.

SurveyMR is controlled via: Back Room > Research tools > SurveyMR

The first page you see is the main survey page that lists all the open surveys, you can navigate to upcoming and closed surveys from this page as well:


From here you can: 

  • See the surveys currently live on the platform including:
    • The scheduling of each survey
    • The target sample for each survey
    • The number of users who have/haven't responded to each survey
  • Links to edit the survey (Edit Icon)
  • Look at results for each question (Dashboard Icon)
  • Link to participant page (Create Manage Groups

Through the actions drop-down, you can also send invites/reminders to users; download the survey results into various formats, duplicate the survey, close the survey and delete the survey:

SurveyMR Actions

From within all your surveys you can download a copy of the questions and answers in the survey into a Word (docx) format by clicking on the link on the individual survey question list page. There are two options for this download:

  • ‘Download as DOCX’ to download without question features
    • You can re-import this version as a new survey
  • ‘Download extended DOCX’ to download showing question features, media file names and numbers of answer choice
    • You cannot re-import this version as a new survey