How to prompt on DiaryMR tasks

Diary tasks still require active moderation; prompting participants helps draw out more detail.

Clicking on the responses icon (Tickbox Icon) from the task tab takes you to a tab where you can see all responses to the task:

Prompt DiaryMR Task

From this page you can filter the entries you see based on those with photos/videos, dates entries have been added plus consumer group and user field filters. 

For each complete task entry you can see:

  • When the task was completed
  • How many comments the task has
  • Whether the task entry has photos/videos included
  • View the task entry (Projects Icon) - can then add comments/prompts
  • Delete the task entry (Delete Icon)

Viewing a task entry

When viewing a task entry you see each question in turn, the response to that question and any photos/videos added to it:

Prompt Task Entry

Any comments added to the task entry already will show underneath.

Prompting on a task entry

If you want to add a comment or prompt on a task entry, simply scroll to the end of the completed view and in the 'Add a comment' box type your question/prompt:

Prompt Task Comments

If you tick the 'Email this user to alert to reply' the user will receive an email notification about your comment; if they reply to the comment you will also receive a notification email.