How to manage existing DiaryMR studies

While studies are running, it is possible to monitor participation, view responses and view uploaded photos & videos.

Once your diary study is running you will want to monitor the number of users completing the tasks as well as reading and prompting on tasks/journal entries. 

Click into your diary study from the main study page, to see the tasks click the 'Tasks' tab and 'Journal entries' tab to see the journal tasks:

Journal Task Tab

Monitoring tasks

Your task tab will list all the tasks that are set up as part of the study:

Monitoring DiaryMR Task

From this page you can see when the tasks are running and the sample they are set to as well as:

  • View the task (Project Tab)
  • View all completed task entries (Tickbox Icon
  • Edit the task (Edit Icon)
  • Link to the participant page (Create Manage Groups)
  • See how many users have/haven't completed each task
  • Move the tasks up/down the list (Move Icon)
From the actions drop-down you can also duplicate the task, send invite/reminders about the task, download the images users have added to their completed task entries, download a CSV with all responses to the task, close the task and delete the task:
Manage DiaryMR Actions

Monitoring journals

The journal entries tab will show all journal entries added by users as part of the diary study:

Running DiaryMR Study

From this page you can filter the entries you see based on those with photos/videos, dates entries have been added plus consumer group and user field filters. 

For each journal entry you can see:

  • When the journal entry was submitted 
  • How many comments the journal entry has
  • Quick snippet of the journal entry
  • Whether the journal entry has photos/videos included
  • View the journal entry (Project Icon) - can then add comments/prompt on journal entries
  • Delete the journal entry (Delete Icon)

Photos and videos

If you want to see all the photos or videos uploaded by users as part of their task/journals, click on their relevant tabs:

DiaryME Media

You will see all the photos/videos uploaded and have the option to download them from this page.