What is DiaryMR?

DiaryMR enables participants to complete structured and un-structured repeating tasks over a set time period.

Diary StudyMR has two parts:

  • DiaryMR - structured tasks for users
  • Journals - free text space for users 
Within any diary study you can have one or both of these elements. 

DiaryMR is controlled via: Back Room > Research tools > DiaryMR

The first page you see is the main diary study page that lists all the open studies, you can navigate to upcoming and closed studies from this page as well:


From here you can: 

  • See the diary studies currently live on the platform including: 
    • The scheduling of each study
    • The target sample for each study
    • The number of users who have/haven't responded to each study
  • Link through to edit each study (Edit Icon)
  • Link to participant page (Create Manage Groups

Through the actions drop-down, you can also send invites/reminders to users, duplicate the study (and all tasks within it), close the study and delete the study:

DiaryMR Actions